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  • Auto-forwarding from G Suite

    We use G Suite for just about everything here at Help Scout, so if you're on the fence about using it for your business, we give it 16 thumbs up. Forwarding email from G Suite or Gmail is quite easy:

  • Custom SMTP settings

    For Connection issues with Exchange 2013 or 2016 Since upgrading to PHP 5.6, Help Scout no longer allows self signed certificates. When Exchange is first installed, a self-signed called "Microsof

  • Send messages using Google oAuth

    When you create a mailbox, you have the option to either use our servers (by default) or specify custom outgoing settings. This article talks about using custom outgoing settings with Gmail using Goog

  • Getting your email into Help Scout

    Help Scout works by creating a forwarding rule with your email client or server to send all of your email into your Help Scout Mailbox. Each Mailbox has a unique identifier address, which looks someth

  • Mail forwarding and delivery issues

    In this article Inbound Email Issues Outbound Email Issues Inbound Email Issues Inbound email refers to the emails being sent to your Mailbox address that is then forwarded t

  • Auto-forwarding from a G Suite Group

    Creating a brand new Google Group is a quick way to get up and running with Help Scout. You'll need administrator permissions within your G Suite account to create a group. The only downside here is t

  • Forward email aliases to one mailbox

    A mailbox alias is any email address that automatically forwards messages to your main mailbox address. If you've got a bunch of addresses that auto-forward, it would be a superb idea to add them to t

  • How to find headers in Google Groups

    If you're using a G Suite Group (Apps for Work or Business) to catch and forward messages to your Help Scout mailbox, it may be necessary to troubleshoot message delivery issues from time to time. For

  • G Suite Integration

    Installing the Help Scout app from the G Suite Marketplace allows you to connect your G Suite account to Help Scout. You can securely log in to Help Scout automatically with your Google account. 

  • How mailboxes work in Help Scout

    A mailbox in Help Scout is like any other inbox: it holds email. Your support team will work together out of a mailbox to answer all of your incoming support requests. Keep reading for a primer on mai

  • Supported Browsers and System Requirements

    Help Scout is a web based application that does not require any download or install for use on a computer with a supported web browser. Apps are available to download for use on iOS and Android mobile

  • Manually forward email to Help Scout

    Every now and then, you might get an email in your inbox that needs to be created as a conversation in Help Scout. Luckily, all you have to do is forward the email to your Help Scout mailbox, and we'l

  • Send contact form submissions to a mailbox

    It's easy to keep track of contact form submissions by directing those entries right to your Help Scout mailbox. This article talks about sending contact form submissions to Help Scout. In this

  • Working with the iOS app

    Help Scout's iPhone app puts powerful help desk software in your pocket so you can easily support customers while on the go. Keep your finger (literally) on the pulse of what's going on with your cust

  • Searching in Help Scout

    Searching in Help Scout is a great way to quickly locate conversations, customers, and other data within your account. This article talks about using the search feature. In this article

  • 3 steps to organizing and optimizing your Help Scout account

    Now that you have your email flowing freely into your Help Scout Mailbox, the next three steps will keep everything running smoothly, both in the queue and behind the scenes. By the end of these three

  • Log in to Help Scout

    There are a few different ways to log into Help Scout. This article covers each of those different methods. In this article Help Scout Account Google G Suite Single Sign-On

  • Edit and manage customer profiles

      Profiles in Help Scout are built automatically when a customer emails your support address for the first time. We'll also create a profile when you compose a new conversation on b

  • Guide to Switching Help Desks

    One does not simply wake up in the middle of the night and decide to switch help desks. It’s a process: one that takes careful deliberation at that. Preparing to switch help desks happens well before

  • Support History Security Options

    The Support History feature allows a customer to see all of their previous conversations in Beacon. This includes Beacon contact form messages, chat transcripts, as well as direct email history.

  • Help Scout's Email Template

    Help Scout is entirely email-based and invisible to the customer. As such, all replies sent to customers via Help Scout are wrapped neatly in a simple email template.  In this article 

  • Understanding reports in Help Scout

    Now that you're well on your way to providing your customers with an excellent support experience, it's time to grab a cup of coffee and take a peek at our handy Reports feature. Help Scout provides a

  • Help Scout Hack Pack

    27 tips and tricks to bring next level skills to your Help Scout game We pride Help Scout on being intuitive and easy to learn, but there are a ton of useful tidbits hiding all over the app th

  • Working with Beacon 1.0

    This article refers to Beacon 1.0 - our original Beacon. For help with Beacon 2.0 check out our Beacon collection! Beacon puts help at your customers' fingertips. With the embed code installed on y

  • Phone Support Integration (powered by Talkdesk)

    Talkdesk brings all the benefits of an enterprise-level call center to your business. It's entirely web-based and works beautifully alongside Help Scout. With Talkdesk, members of your team can take a

  • Respond to email notifications

    Email notifications can be set up to help you stay in the loop whenever a conversation is updated. This article talks about enabling email notifications, and responding to them using special email-onl

  • Use an SPF record to help with email delivery

    A Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record is a DNS record that identifies specific mail servers that are allowed to send email on behalf of your domain. This article will help you understand why these re

  • Chatting with Customers

    Before You Begin Administrators: Double check that the Chat toggle is turned on for your Beacon. Make sure you’re available to chat by setting your User availability to Available. 

  • Learn about Help Scout Docs

    Docs is our knowledge base add-on that allows you to empower your customers to find answers to their frequently asked questions, or simply to find more information about your company. This article is

  • Work with Custom Fields

    Custom Fields can be used to categorize, prioritize or further diagnose conversations based on the support needs for your product or service. Fields can be required so that reporting data is always ac

  • Salesforce

    In this article What it does Requirements Installation Removing the App What it does Keeps teams working in Help Scout and Salesforce in the loop about customer com

  • Add analytics code to track visitors

    Web analytics show you a custom view of what's happening on your Docs site. It's helpful if you're wanting to track data such as page views, bounce rates, or the geographical location of your visitors

  • Help Scout and HIPAA

    Help Scout maintains ongoing compliance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and is able to process, maintain and store protected health information for any entiti

  • Keeping track of aging conversations

    Keeping track of aging conversations help your team live up to your customer support #squadgoals, and help your customers feel like they can trust you to get things done. While we don’t have an off

  • Reports: Phone

    The Phone report is a very simple and straightforward measure of the volume of phone calls logged in Help Scout. Check out Reporting Definitions and Scenarios for the scoop on how these metrics are ca

  • Auto-forwarding from a Google Group

    Note: This tutorial is for public Google Groups created outside of a G Suite domain. You'll be forwarding messages that are received at your unique group address ( 1

  • Learn the Ropes of Help Scout

    Just poking around? We want to make sure you test for success. Here’s an easy guide to make sure to see and try all the right things at exactly the right times.  1. Test with a friend It

  • Merge duplicate customer profiles

    This article will help you understand why it's helpful to merge customer profiles, and how to complete the merge.  In this article Why merge profiles? How to merge a profile

  • Working with variables

    Help Scout variables are placeholders for generated customer, User, mailbox, and conversation data. Variables are defined using specific text between curly brackets and % signs. Each type of variable

  • Custom Fields templates and scenarios

    Custom Fields is a powerful and useful tool to help you organize and prioritize conversations in your mailbox. Here are some examples that you're welcome to copy, change up, or simply admire. Conver

  • Customer Sidebar Updates

    What's changed?  Visual Redesign We have dozens of third party integrations that display data in the customer sidebar. Over time, the styles we've used have become a little stale. We set out to

  • Setup Guide: Following the Help Scout Model

    Help Scout is super flexible and can be set up to map to the process your team uses to tackle the support queue. While many customers designate ownership by assigning conversations to users or teams,

  • An Admin's Guide to Help Scout

    Congratulations on becoming a new Help Scout Admin or Owner. 🎉   Your permissions are like the proverbial keys to manage the kingdom. So now what? There are a ton of powerful features in Help Scout

  • Changing the customer on a conversation

    It doesn't happen often, but you might need to change customers on a conversation, allowing you to direct your replies to someone other than the original sender. This article is all about how to chang

  • Managing Help Scout notifications

    In this article Enabling & disabling notifications Email notifications Browser notifications Mobile notifications Notification station HIPAA Compliance & Notificatio

  • Customize Your Mailbox Settings

    Get in gear by exploring what's under the gear icon in your mailbox. Each Help Scout mailbox has its own distinct settings, which you can customize to your needs. In this article, we'll explore in par

  • Docs SSL

    HTTPS is a modern encryption protocol that creates a secure connection between your browser and the sites you visit. Our goal is to provide HTTPS (SSL) connections by default for all Docs sites. 

  • Manage voice messages

    Help Scout's Voicemail app works automatically, so there's no installation required. This article is about the voicemail integration, and how to manage voice messages in Help Scout. In this art

  • Set up a custom domain using a CNAME

    When you create a new Docs site, you'll be asked to fill in a subdomain, which is used to access your public-facing knowledge base. You can share this subdomain with your customers, or you can set up

  • Using DMARC to help with email delivery

    DMARC is an email authentication standard that's used to help protect a domain from fraudulent email. Along with DKIM and SPF records, DMARC helps prevent spam or "spoof" emails coming from your domai