Manage Company Settings

Settings that will apply to your entire Help Scout account are found under the Company Settings. Only Help Scout Account Owners and Administrators have access to change these settings.  

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Edit Company Settings

Head to Manage > Company to access the main Company Settings page. 

Company Name

The company name set here shows in the copyright notice in the footer of your Docs site(s), and on all invoices. 

Note that changing the company name does not change the company name on past invoices — invoices will always show the company name as it was set when the invoice was generated. 

Help Scout Subdomain

Your Help Scout inbox addresses will use the subdomain set here. We base this on your company name when you create your account. 

If you would like your subdomain to be something other than your company name, click the Change link to change that subdomain. You have a single subdomain for your account that all of your Help Scout inboxes will use. The Help Scout subdomain is not visible to your customers if you connect a custom email address to your inboxes. 

Next Conversation #

Use this setting to get Help Scout in sync if you're moving from another help desk and don't want to start over, or if you simply want to advance the conversation number higher. The conversation numbers are only shown in the Help Scout app itself — not to customers — by default. 

Open Tracking

Toggle Open Tracking on or off. For more on this feature, take a look at Track Message Views With Open Tracking

Enrich Customer Data

Toggle the integration with Gravatar on or off. Check out Customer Profiles for more information about how the Gravatar integration works. 

Conversation Lock 

Set the number of days a conversation should remain open for updates. Conversation Lock Options explains the full details on this feature. 

Timezone and Time Format

This is the company timezone and format that is shown on reports. New Users will default to the company timezone settings, but each User can customize their own profile to show the timezone and format they prefer in conversations without altering the company settings.  

Advanced Settings

The left navigation menu allows you to control some other advanced settings.


Standard and Plus plans will see a link to our Google Workspace Integration for Google Single Sign-on (SSO) directions to set up Google SSO here. 

If you are on a Pro plan, or have enabled the Advanced Security add-on for the Plus plan, you will see other SSO and IP Restrictions options here as well. 

Enable or disable Two-Factor Authentication on the last tab. See Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for the finer points there. 


Manage the User Roles and Permissions settings here. 


If you're only using Docs, disable Inboxes here to hide inbox features in the Help Scout app. Disable Docs if here if you will not be setting up a Docs site at all and wish to hide all Docs features. 

Import Data

Import data from many different help desks and Gmail email. Check out our Guide to Switching Help Desks for some help getting ready, and head over to Import Emails or Tickets into Help Scout when you're ready. 

Office Hours

Set your office hours and select the inboxes you'd like to apply those hours to. See Set Company Office Hours for more information. 

Content Filtering

Add email addresses or domains to the Allowed list or the Block list, and toggle the Auto Reply filter on or off. Manage Spam and Unwanted Email is your guide if you would like more information on how those bits work. 

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