Translate Beacon Words and Phrases

Visit the Translate tab to customize all of the labels your customers see in your Beacon. You can choose to translate the text into a different language or customize the English text to reflect your own brand and service levels. 

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Choose a Language

Choose a language from the dropdown list to automatically translate all Beacon labels to that language. You can override any of the automatic translations by changing the label individually.

Translate Individual Labels

The accordion menu displays each group of Beacon labels, organized by the area of Beacon where they appear. Click the group name to expand the section containing the label you wish to change and enter the text you want to display. 

Navigate to the section where you made changes in the preview Beacon to instantly view your change. When you’re finished editing labels, click Save.

Common Questions

Do I need to reinstall my Beacon code after making these changes?
No, all changes made in the Beacon builder are automatically pushed out to your Beacon. No coding changes needed!

Can I translate a single Beacon into multiple languages?
Not at this time. However, you can create separate Beacons for each language you wish to serve. 

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