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Article Ratings allow your Docs site visitors to let you know how helpful your knowledge base content is with a single click. You can use this information to fine tune your Docs articles and maximize your self-service support, which can make a big difference in your team's overall support efficiency and value. 

If you are using Beacon, your customers will see ratings appear on articles within Beacon as well. 

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Enable Docs Article Ratings

Docs Article Ratings are specific for each Docs site and are turned on for new sites by default. To enable article ratings on your site, head over to Manage → Docs to select a site and open your Site Settings. Under Feedback, you can toggle Article Ratings on or off. 

To translate the rating question, head over to the Translate tab of your Docs site settings and enter your preferred wording for the Article rating options. 

How Customers Rate Articles

When article ratings are enabled, a question will appear at the bottom of each article with a happy face and a sad face for the visitor to choose from. Any visitor to your Docs site can rate an article, though articles can only be rated one time per visitor. 

Give it a try on us! Rate this article down below and let us know what you think. 

Reporting on Ratings

Coming soon you'll be able to track article ratings and measure just how helpful your self-service tools are, straight from your Docs Report. While offering your customers a path for self-service can lead to measurable cost savings, keep in mind it's also about so much more than just saving money

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