Import Emails or Tickets Into Help Scout

NEW Moving to Help Scout is now even easier than ever — we've partnered with Import2 to offer an easy way to import emails or tickets from a number of providers, allowing you to have quick and easy access to your customer history after you've made the move. 

This article explains the options you have for importing data and walks you through a sample import to get things moving. 

The import tool is available to Account Owners and Administrators on all Standard, Plus, and Pro plans. 

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What You Can Import

The new import tool allows you to import emails or tickets along with the attached customer profiles and tags or labels from a number of different providers. You can even use the tool to migrate conversations and customers from one Help Scout account to another!

Below you'll find a list of other providers available. Click any of the linked names to learn a little more about moving to Help Scout from that provider. 

FogBugz Freshdesk Fusedesk Google Workspace (Gmail inbox)
Groove HappyFox Help Scout
HubSpot Service Hub Intercom
Jira Service Desk Kayako Classic
Kustomer LiveChat Microsoft Dynamics 365 Re:amaze
Request Tracker Salesforce Service Cloud Samanage TeamSupport
Tender Support Trello UserVoice Zendesk

Data not included in the import

  • Users and inbox settings

You will have to manually create all Users in Help Scout and manually set up any company or inbox settings needed. You will need to set these up before you start the sample import to allow data to map correctly. 

  • Knowledge base or help center articles

This import tool is not able to import knowledge base or help center data from any providers. The Docs API is available to build a custom data transfer from other knowledge base providers. This is a do-it-yourself project that will require API coding knowledge.

Moving from Zendesk and have a knowledge base there? Please reach out to our team before taking any further action. We have an older import tool that will import knowledge base articles in with your conversations that we can make available to you. 

  • Saved replies/canned responses/macros and ticket rules/automations

You'll want to grab any exports your provider offers to keep this information handy for reference, but you won't be able to import these items to Help Scout right from your provider. 

Check out Create and Manage Saved Replies for Fast Answers for help in recreating your macros and canned responses in Help Scout, and Get Started With Workflows will help you convert your ticket rules or automations into Automatic Workflows or Manual Workflows

  • Custom fields, ticket types, or custom statuses

These data pieces don't have a direct counterpart in Help Scout, so you won't be able to import them. 

Help Scout does have a custom field feature (see Work With Custom Fields for more help on that feature), but the function is a bit different than what you might have used at other providers. 

  • Data from help desk or email providers not listed above

Our Mailbox API is always an option to build a custom import. This is a do-it-yourself project that will require API coding knowledge, but can do just what you need. 

Start Your Sample Import

Make sure that you have created all Users and Inboxes in Help Scout before you begin!

By default, there will be nothing to identify the imported records as imported — if you want to be able to identify those in Help Scout after the import, apply a tag (for example, imported ) to all tickets or emails in your help desk before you start the sample import.


Head to Manage > Company > Import Data. Choose the app where your data currently resides. Type in the name of the app to search for one that isn't displayed as a tile. 

Moving data from another Help Scout account? Head over to Migrate Conversations From Another Help Scout Account for the specific instructions on that process as it's a little bit different from the steps below.

Click Start Import on the modal that appears.
At Import2, click Connect next to your app choice under the Export data from heading. 
Follow the steps on screen to connect your app. Each source will have a slightly different process with different options to complete the authorization. 
Click Connect next to Help Scout under the Where do you want to migrate? heading. Click Authorize to allow access to your Help Scout account. 
Click Continue to start the sample import. 

Next Steps

You can close out the status page while the sample import is processing. You will receive an email with the link to get back there, or you can find it linked under Previous Imports on the Manage > Company > Import Data page in Help Scout. 

You'll receive another email from Import2 when things are ready for you to review and you'll head back to that same link to see the results and next steps from there. 

Review the sample import records and make any necessary changes to data mapping or undo the migration on the Settings tab. 

If you need to make any other changes to your import, or if you have any questions on the import options and process from there, Import2's support team is ready to help! You'll find a link to reach out to them via email or chat on that status page. 

Important notes before you move on to the full import:

  • Switch over your email forwarding and any other sources of tickets (integrations, forms, other email addresses that forward in, etc.) so that new conversations are going to Help Scout before you start the full import to avoid tickets being stranded in your old help desk. 
  • Schedule the full import for a day that your email or help desk isn't very busy if possible. 
  • Your team should stop working from the previous email or help desk when you start the full import — they should only be working from Help Scout once you start. If at all possible, have your team hold on working in Help Scout until the import is completed as well.  
  • Do not change any records in your email or previous help desk while the import is running. 
  • Make sure you've created all Users and Inboxes in Help Scout to match the help desk you're moving from before you start. 

Ready? Let's Go!

When you're ready to start the full import, click the Purchase tab to Request full migration. Help Scout will cover the migration costs for up to 500,000 records. 

If your import exceeds 500,000 records, we will bill your Help Scout account for $500 per every 500,000 records above that threshold. 

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