Add Analytics Code to Track Docs Visitors

Web analytics show you a custom view of what's happening on your Docs site. It's helpful if you're wanting to track data such as page views, bounce rates, or the geographical location of your visitors. 

This article will help you add an analytic tracking code to your Docs site.

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Web Analytics Providers

You'll need to sign up with an analytics provider if you don't already have an account with one. Below are some of the more popular services:

Adding your tracking code

Sign in to your analytics account and locate your unique tracking code, then copy it to your clipboard. Head back to Help Scout.  

Go to Manage > Docs, select the site you want to add the code to, then click the Custom Code link in the sidebar. Paste the code you copied from your analytics provider into the Insert <head> Code text box and click Save

Depending on your provider, it may take some time for the data to start appearing in your analytics control panel or dashboard.

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