Use Google OAuth to Send From Help Scout

If you are using your own email address with Help Scout, we send email on your behalf via our own Help Scout mail servers by default. If your custom email address is a full Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) user mailbox, you may choose to configure Help Scout to send your email from Google's servers instead, using Google OAuth. 

If you are using any email provider other than Google, take a look at Use SMTP to Send From Help Scout for help to set up that connection. 

Note: If you are using your Help Scout email address directly — e.g. — you cannot configure Google OAuth to send from that address. 

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Reasons to Use OAuth

Using customized outgoing settings allows you to save all of your outgoing replies to Gmail for archive or backup purposes. Sending from Google's servers may also assist with email deliverability. 

It's worth mentioning that if you go this route, you do not have to add Help Scout to your SPF record or set up DKIM records, as the email will be going out from Google's servers instead of ours. For peace of mind though, you may want to create those records in case we have any problems connecting to Google to send. We will fallback to sending from our own servers if we are unable to connect to Google OAuth at any time. 

Configure Outgoing Settings

Before authenticating, you'll want to ensure that you're logged in to the Gmail account for your  mailbox address (e.g., Google OAuth will not work with Google Groups addresses. 


Open the desired mailbox and head over to Mailbox Settings > Outgoing Email


Select the Use custom SMTP option. Choose Send with Gmail from the drop-down list, and then click Sign in with Google


Choose the Google account associated with your mailbox address or choose Use another account to sign in to Google as the mailbox address. Click the blue Allow button on the next screen to allow Help Scout to use that Gmail account to send email. 


The next page will take you back to Help Scout where you will have a Sending via... confirmation stating that your outgoing settings are properly set up. Don't forget to hit the blue Save button.

You can disconnect from Google OAuth at anytime by clicking on the blue Disconnect button.

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