Mail forwarding and delivery issues

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Auto-forwarding is not active yet

So what's this error all about? If you see this on top of your mailbox folder, it means the mailbox has not received messages sent to your catch-all mailbox address. It's also a good hint that the forwarder is not yet working. 

Follow one of these tutorials to get your support email copied over to Help Scout. The yellow hazard sign will automatically go away once Help Scout receives an email sent to the mailbox address, confirming the auto-forward is good to go.

Specific forwarding issues

Where's the Google Apps verification email?
Sometimes the verification email isn't sent. We don't know why, but instead of waiting around, we'd recommend either resending the verification email or creating the rule again from scratch. To resend the email, head back to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and look for the blue Resend Email link.

Messages appear in my external inbox, but not in Help Scout. Why?
Make sure your forwarding rule is enabled! Additionally, double check that you've got the right mailbox alias. When you copy the alias over to the forwarding address text box, keep an eye out for extra spaces before or after the alias. It won't work if there are any extra characters or blank spaces. Lastly, look at your spam folder to make sure your email provider hasn't halted legitimate messages.

Why aren't my replies syncing to Help Scout when I respond from my inbox?
Once your auto-forwarding rule has been created, you'll need to leave that external inbox alone. If you respond to messages from your catch-all inbox ( outside of Help Scout, your replies to customers will not be sent back to Help Scout.

Email delivery issues

What's up with these bounce-back messages from
You'll see bounce-back messages from our mail server if a message wasn't delivered to the end-user. There's usually a reason for the failure located in the bounce-back email. Look at the Status line for more information:

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.1.2 (bad destination system: no such domain)
X-PowerMTA-BounceCategory: bad-domain

In the example above, the message was not delivered because the domain doesn't exist. Naturally, we can't deliver email to a domain that isn't active! There are quite a few reasons for delivery failure, and we'd be happy to provide some insight for specific cases if needed. Just get  in touch!

I sent an attachment, but my customer says it didn't come across?
As long as the file is successfully attached in Help Scout and sent with your reply, the customer likely received the attachment. It's entirely possible they're just overlooking it, or their mail client is not displaying the file as it should. If you have any doubts, let us know, and we can take a look at the mail server to see if the file was delivered. 

When the combined size of all attached files is over 8MB, we send the files as links instead of attachments. This conversion to links is to make sure your email gets through - some email clients will block emails with large attachments, and spam filters are also more suspicious of email with big attachments. If you're sending a large number of attachments, your customer might be overlooking the links.

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