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Getting Started

Set Up Your Account

Get to know Inbox, Beacon, and Docs, and get your emails forwarding

10 articles

Work With Your Team

Administration tips and collaboration tools

5 articles

Explore Proactive Messages

Let Messages improve your customer outreach with some use cases and idea

7 articles

Self Service Best Practices

Help your customers help themselves

1 article

Account Management

Company Settings

Manage account wide settings like permissions, 2FA, SSO, content filtering, and more

19 articles

Manage Users

Help for managing user profiles and permissions

7 articles

Payment and Billing

Answer your questions about payment options and billing details

8 articles


Information on in-app reports with explanation of metrics

11 articles


Copy Email to Help Scout

Create auto-forwarding rules, connect contact forms, troubleshoot email delivery

19 articles

Inbox Settings

Manage Inbox settings such as sending options and Inbox defaults

21 articles

Work with Conversations

Reply to conversations, forward emails, merge duplicates, and more

29 articles


Workflows and folders, add tags, respond to email notifications, search

22 articles

Customer Management

Manage customer profiles and properties

6 articles

Mobile Apps

Work in your Inbox from iOS or Android devices in mobile apps

4 articles


Get Started with Beacon

Learn about Beacon with live chat and proactive Messages

7 articles

Beacon Settings

Beacon options and advanced customization

9 articles

Add Beacon to Your Site or App

Guides for some of the more popular website builders and some general help

8 articles

Live Chat

Learn about chat availability, saved replies, notifications, and assignments

10 articles


Proactively send targeted, in-app notifications to your customers

10 articles


Get Started With Docs

Setting up collections and categories, creating new articles, and using Docs search

8 articles

Manage Docs

Using a custom domain, sorting content, and managing multiple sites

15 articles

Customize Your Docs Site

Styling your Docs articles and sites

9 articles

Channels & Apps


Integrations to help you analyze data from Help Scout

8 articles


Build custom apps and integrations using Help Scout's API and apps tools

3 articles


Apps that integrate other communications tools into Help Scout

15 articles


Apps that help you connect Help Scout to other apps

2 articles


Integrations with Customer Relationship Management tools

6 articles


Connect to ecommerce apps like Shopify, WooCommerce, and more

5 articles


Keep your marketing and support teams in sync with these integrations

4 articles


Integrate other support channels into Help Scout and manage it all in one place

14 articles