Connect Help Scout with Super SLA to Manage Service-level Agreements

Super SLA is advanced SLA (service-level agreement) reporting & alerting that works seamlessly with Help Scout. Use it to create simple or complex SLA Rules, get alerts via SMS, phone, or email before you break them, and generate PDF reports to track your progress.

You'll need an account with Super SLA — sign up here if you need one — to connect your Help Scout account on a Standard, Plus, or Pro plan and never miss an SLA again. 


  • Configurable alerts: Decide when you want to be alerted (a warning before you breach, or perhaps a notification after), how soon (20 minutes before or 24 hours), who should be notified & how (email the team or send an SMS to the account director).
  • Reports to track your progress: Check your progress with reports, showing your 95th percentile SLA response time and how you did against each rule per day. Generate PDF reports to send to your team or use in review meetings.
  • Customize your Business Hours: Set your time zone and when you start and finish each day. Every timer in Super SLA is either in Business or Calendar hours.
  • Automatic holidays: Choose your country and region and Super SLA will automatically pull in the latest holiday calendar and exclude them from your business hours.
  • Custom SLA Rules: Set rules globally or for a single customer (you can create rules for your VIPs exclusively).

Head over to Super SLA for more information: Super SLA and Help Scout

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