Get Your Email Into Help Scout

If you are using your own custom email address with Help Scout, you will need to set up forwarding or redirection from your email provider to get that email in to Help Scout. You will be forwarding or redirecting that email to the Help Scout email address you created when you created the Inbox, e.g.

Help Scout Administrators and Account Owners have access to connect custom email addresses.

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Connect Your Custom Address

Head to Manage > Inbox(es) and choose the Inbox you are working with. If you're adding an alias to an existing custom inbox setup, just copy the Inbox Address there and head to your provider.

If you're connecting a new custom address, click Click Connect it now. If you've previously connected a custom address, you'll see that Connected Email Address with the option to Change it instead.

Enter the address you'd like to use, and click Send Code.

Check your email at your email provider for this address to obtain the code. Enter the code you receive and click Confirm. Then head to your provider to set up the forwarding or redirection to get your email over to us, and you're all set!

Note: The confirmation code is sent immediately but can take up to 10-15 minutes to arrive, depending on your email provider. If you have not received the code within 15 minutes, check any Spam or Junk Email folders or quarantines your provider may have in place. You may need to reach out to your IT team or email admin to have them add and to your allowed senders list and try again!

Help Forwarding or Redirecting From Your Provider

Where is your email today?

How you set up forwarding or redirection will depend on where your email is coming from, so let’s start there:

Forward or redirect from an Email Provider

Note: You can also import email history from a Google Workspace inbox. See Import Emails or Tickets Into Help Scout for more help with that.

Forward or redirect from a Host

Importing from Another Help Desk

Other ways to get email into Help Scout

Note: ProtonMail does not offer any form of automatic forwarding or routing that will allow you to forward a custom email address in to Help Scout. You can still use Help Scout using the address, but if your domain uses ProtonMail as your mail service, you will not be able to connect a custom email address to your inbox.

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