Mobile Beacon Examples

Add Beacon to your mobile app to make it quick and easy for your customers to reach you without leaving your app. Just point your app development team over to the Beacon for Mobile developer documentation to find more details on the mobile SDK and how to customize, including both Android and iOS technical documentation.

If you need a little inspiration or just want to see it in action, take a look at some of the real world examples below — these are Help Scout customers who have integrated Beacon into their own mobile apps.


[ Apple App Store]

Booth.Events is a photo booth app offering features like online galleries, DSLR camera integration, and printing and sharing. It was developed by Solodigitalis, a digital product company based in Ontario, Canada.

According to Tim Carr, founder and mobile developer at Solodigitalis, because the app is used during events like weddings it is essential to offer users a way to get immediate help if they run into issues. Beacon provides that capability for real-time support and the Customer Properties associated with the user gives them the information to quickly and accurately diagnose the situation without the user having to provide technical details themselves.

The Beacon in the Booth.Events app is opened by tapping the question mark icon in the top right of the user interface. This is a good example of using custom navigation to open directly to a specific article.


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Healthie is a practice management and telehealth software built for health & wellness organizations.

Erica Jain, CEO at Healthie, says that customer happiness and success is at the core of how they run their business, and that it's important to ensure customers are able to reach their team through the web and mobile app for support. Healthie uses Help Scout to manage both provider and client communications.

The Beacon in the Healthie mobile app is accessed through the left navigation menu, where it's easy to access but does not detract from the core feature offerings.

Meditation Moments

[ Apple App Store] [Google Play]

Meditation Moments provides over 100 guided meditations, breathing exercises, and relaxing music to help users sleep better, stress less, and focus more.

According to Mike Ronday, COO and co-founder at Meditation Moments, they originally developed their own support contact form in the app which connected to their Help Scout Inbox through an automation. They then realized that it would be a better experience to implement the Beacon for customer service while also providing FAQ functionality through the connected Docs articles, in addition saving their team development and maintenance time.

The Beacon in Meditation Moments is accessible through the Settings tab and tapping on the Contact, bugs & suggestions button.


[ Apple App Store] [Google Play]

mytello is a service that offers cheap international calls from a smartphone to over 227 countries.

Michael Schöpfer, CEO at mytello, says that Beacon offers a seamless experience for customers to contact them through the website or in app. Customers can receive responses to their questions directly in the app rather than having to check their email inbox.

The Beacon in mytello is opened by tapping the Contact us button in the settings tab. This is an example of loading Beacon directly to the contact form, which can be achieved by creating a contact-only Beacon (Docs and Chat are not enabled) or dynamically using custom navigation.


[ Apple App Store]

NotePlan is a note-taking app for pros where tasks are first-class citizens and daily notes are tightly integrated with your calendar and reminders.

Eduard Metzger, founder of NotePlan, shared that the app runs on iOS and Mac and most users use the app simultaneously in both operating systems. Beacon reduces the number of support emails by providing a searchable Docs knowledge base so that users don't get distracted by leaving the app and going into their email app to ask for help or a web browser to search the knowledge.

The Beacon in NotePlan is found by tapping on the Help button in the left sidebar.


[ Apple App Store] [Google Play]

SimplePrints sells personalized printed products like photo books, canvas prints, and metal prints.

Their customers create their custom items entirely in the mobile app and therefore the customer experience in mobile needs to be optimal. Sawyer Xavier, Product Experience Manager at SimplePrints, says that having Beacon helps them to keep customers in the app and easily able to ask questions or find information. The support team loves how their customers can search Docs on their own for answers, and if they do end up contacting support the team can see what the customer searched for and which Docs articles they viewed which provides context as to which troubleshooting steps have already been attempted.

The Beacon in SimplePrints is found by tapping on the Help button in the Account tab.

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