Send Contact Form Submissions to a Mailbox

It's easy to keep track of contact form submissions by directing those entries right to your Help Scout mailbox. This article talks about sending contact form submissions to Help Scout.

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Form Applications

While it is possible to create a conversation using the Help Scout API, sending a form submission email is the more common approach. If you aren't comfortable building the contact form on your own (light programming required), we highly recommend one of these great services:

Sending Submissions to Help Scout

You can circumvent forwarding delays by sending submissions directly to your Help Scout mailbox. Instead of emailing submissions to your mailbox address (, send them to your unique mailbox forwarding alias. To find that alias, open the desired mailbox and head over to Settings Connection Settings. You'll see those contact form submissions pop-up in Help Scout almost immediately.

Best Practices

Make sure the From: address and Reply-to: address values are set appropriately:

  1. Set the From address to something like or If the From: address is set to the customer's email (, the message might be marked as spam since it's not really being sent from Gmail.
  2. Set the Reply-to: address as the customer's email address. We'll pull in this address and link everything to the correct profile. When you reply, you'll be sending your message back to the customer and not or
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