Gather Feedback With Chat Satisfaction Ratings

Chat satisfaction ratings allow your customers to rate their chat sessions with just a click or two right in Beacon. No follow-up replies needed! This article will show you what this looks like for your customers and your Users. 

Head over to Manage Beacon Contact Settings: Chat Settings for the details on how to enable chat satisfaction ratings for each of your Beacons. 

In this article 

How Customers Rate Chats

At the end of any chat session, whether ended by your customer or the Help Scout User, your customer will be given the option to rate the chat. They can choose from 3 faces to rate the interaction as Great, Okay, or Not Good. An optional comment box will show after they choose a face — the click rating is captured even if they do not submit a comment. 

Pro tip: Want to change the wording or language that's shown in the rating prompt? You got it! Check out Translate Beacon Words and Phrases for more details on the translate feature.

What You'll See in Help Scout

If the customer rates the chat before you've ended it in Help Scout, you'll see a notification in the chat window with their rating and comment. 

The chat transcript in your inbox will also show the rating and comment. 

Happiness Report

Individual ratings are automatically funneled into the Happiness report. You can run this report at any time to get a handle on how happy your customers are with the level of support being provided. See Reports: Happiness for more information about that report. 

Notifications of Ratings Submitted

Notifications for ratings received are available either through integrations or with a Workflow. Integrations and Workflows are available on Standard plans or higher.

App notifications

The Campfire and Slack integrations both offer the event "Satisfaction Rating Received" as an option. Check that box in the app settings at Manage > Apps to receive that notification in your team chat app. 

Email notifications

Use a Workflow to send an email notification based on the criteria you want. The example below would send a Notification to you the first time a rating is submitted on a conversation. For more on Workflows, check out Get Started With Workflows.

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