Connect ChannelReply With Help Scout for eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart Support

ChannelReply is a messaging platform that helps you support all of your e-commerce customers right from Help Scout. ChannelReply delivers your eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and Amazon buyer messages into conversations just like normal emails. Any replies sent from Help Scout are synchronized with each connected platform. 

Install the ChannelReply app for Help Scout to have all of your customer's order details at your fingertips. Beyond simple messaging, the integration will also bring in customer order details from your sales channels and display the information right in the customer sidebar. You can also subscribe to resolution center updates (eBay) and mark conversations as no response needed (Amazon), all without leaving Help Scout.

Activation Instructions

Connect Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Walmart through ChannelReply. 


Make sure that you've already created an Inbox in Help Scout as you'll need the address for that Inbox or your custom address for the rest of this set up. Head over to Create and Manage Inboxes in Help Scout if you need help with that.


Head over to Help Scout Integration Instructions at ChannelReply, where they'll walk you through the rest of the set up. 

Custom Fields

You can also sync your order details right into your Custom Fields, making your data actionable in search, workflows, and reports. Head over to ChannelReply's article Help Scout Custom Fields Setup for the details on getting that set up. 

Custom fields are available with the Help Scout Plus and Pro plans.

Need more help? This integration is supported by ChannelReply — reach out to ChannelReply's team if you have questions or find that you need more help getting things connected. 

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