Reports: Phone

The Phone report is a very simple and straightforward measure of the volume of phone calls logged in Help Scout. Check out Reporting Definitions and Scenarios for the scoop on how these metrics are calculated. 

What is our overall phone call volume? 

Knowing how many phone calls you're logging overall helps with planning your support staffing and the overall picture of your support strategy. Phone Conversations includes all phone conversations in Help Scout, including those logged by voicemail or phone integrations. Created is a measure of the number of conversations recorded by your team using Phone Notes during the time period specified. 

How many customers contacted us via phone?

Are only a few of your customers more inclined to make phone calls? We had a lot more customers calling this week over the last, why is that? 

How many phone calls has each member of my team handled? 

Quickly view the number of calls each team member handled in your time period. Drill deeper by clicking the User's name, which takes you to the User report Phone tab for that user.  

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