Onboard Your Team

Once you’ve got your setup in Help Scout ready to go, it’s time to invite more users. Training new users is a snap! You can share these short videos to get your team up to speed on the basics of Help Scout in four easy steps. Or, for a full overview of Help Scout, have them signup for a live demo

In this article

Learn the Basics of Conversations

Take a quick tour of the reply editor, including reply options, conversation options, docs integration, creating notes, and more!   


Stay Organized with Default Folders

Learn how Help Scout makes it easy to keep track of your conversations with default folders, statuses, and assignments. 


Start New Conversations

Need to take a support call or shoot a new email to a customer? No problem! See how easy it is to start a new conversation in Help Scout!


Keep Track of Customers:

Find out how to use Help Scout customer profiles to gain insights on customer details and conversation history.

      ProGet Started with Live Chat:

Learn the ins and outs of making yourself available and responding to customer chats. It's easy to serve your community over email and chat from the same Help Scout mailbox. Live Chat is available with Beacon in Standard, Plus, and Pro plans.


Collaborate with a Teammate:

This step is all about inviting a friend, colleague, or trusted teammate to help you test and work through conversations together. Help Scout is built to help support teams collaborate, so what better way to test than with someone by your side.

Here’s some stuff to try:

With these videos and exercises under their belts, your team will quickly have the basics down of working with customers, conversations, and teammates in the queue. 
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