Onboard Your Team

Once you’ve got your setup in Help Scout ready to go, it’s time to invite more users. Check out Create and Manage User Accounts for help on how to do that,

Training new users is a snap! This article will step you through some of the basics you'll want to cover with new users.

We also offer live training, and a number of pre-recorded videos your team can watch on their own schedule. Check out the Help Scout Classes page to sign up!

In this article

Learn the Basics of Conversations

Let's start with the basics of conversations — the articles below cover how conversations work in Help Scout.

For other articles that diver deeper into the details, see the Docs category Working with Conversations.

How Help Scout is Organized

Learn how Help Scout organizes conversations, and how to search.

Keep Track of Customers

Find out how to find and use Help Scout customer profiles.

Chat With Customers

Learn the ins and outs of making yourself available and responding to customer chats. It's easy to serve your community over email and chat from the same Help Scout Inbox.

More here: Live Chat

Collaborate with a Teammate

Help Scout is built to help support teams collaborate. Here are some of the features that you'll want your team using to keep you all together.

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