Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts provide a quick and easy way to move around Help Scout. They are built into Help Scout so no need to enable anything on your end. 

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Turning Off Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be disabled under the Your Profile section of your account by toggling off the Keyboard Shortcuts option.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Image List

Conversation Actions

Conversation List


Text Editor

Windows: Use the Ctrl key in place of the cmd key.

Docs and Saved Reply Search & Insert

Tags Management

All Pages

Keyboard Shortcuts - Text List

Below is a searchable text list of these shortcuts.

Conversation Actions

Reply - R

Add Note - N

Forward - F

Edit Draft - E

Delete Conversation - D

Previous Conversation - K

Next Conversation - J

Assign - A

Follow - O

Status - S

Status: Active - S then A

Status: Pending - S then P

Status: Closed - S then C

Status: Spam - S then S

Add Tag - T

Undo (after send) - Z

Conversation List

Select - Arrow Up or Arrow Down

Toggle Selected - Spacebar

Open Selected - Return/Enter

Next Page - K

Prevous Page - J

Select All - * then A

Select None - * then N

Select Active (bold) - * then B

Select Inactive (unbold) - * then I

Assigned Selected - A

Status (selected) - S

Status (selected): Active - S then A

Status (selected): Pending - S then P

Status (selected): Closed - S then C

Status (selected): Spam - S then S

Move Selected -

Delete Selected - D


Dashboard - G then H

Unassigned Folder - G then U

Mine Folder - G then M

Drafts Folder - G then D

Assigned Folder - G then A

Closed Folder - G then C

Spam Folder - G then

New Conversation - G then N

Inbox Settings Dropdown - , (comma)

Text Editor

Windows: Use Ctrl in place of Cmd for these shortcuts

Bold - Cmd + B

Italic - Cmd + I

Underline - Cmd + U

Bullet List - Cmd + Shift + 8

Numbered List - Cmd + Shift + 7

Undo - Cmd + Z

Discard Reply/Note Esc

Save Draft - Cmd + Shift + D

Attach File - Cmd + Shift + A

Toggle Saved Replies - Cmd + Shift + S

Toggle Docs Search - Cmd + /

Create a Link - Cmd + K

Send Reply/Save Note - Cmd + Return/Enter

Focus CC (from editor) - Cmd + Shift + C

Focus BCC (from editor) - Cmd + Shift + B

Docs and Saved Reply Search & Insert

Select - Arrow Up or Arrow Down 

Preview Article - Arrow Right or Opt + Return on Mac, Alt + Enter on Windows

Insert Link w/ reply or note open - Spacebar

Tags Management

Select All - * then A

Select None - * then N

View Selected - V

Edit Selected - T

Merge Selected - M

Delete Selected - D

De-select / close menu - Esc

All Pages

Toggle Search - /

Keyboard Shortcuts - ?

Close window or menu - Esc

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