Merge Multiple Conversations From One Customer

Sometimes you'll have multiple conversations that you want to merge together to handle at once — perhaps your customer emailed you several times about the same thing before you had a chance to respond, or they accidentally sent the same email again. 

It's quick and easy to merge those two conversations together to consolidate into one, keeping things neat and tidy. 

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Things You Should Know

  • You can only merge conversations belonging to a single customer profile.

Both conversations must belong to the same customer in Help Scout. If you do not see the conversation you want to merge in the Previous Conversations list in the sidebar, that means the other conversation actually belongs to a different customer. 

Keep in mind that the same person might have multiple email addresses and Help Scout won't know that it's really the same person — you'll need to merge the customer profiles first, then you'll be able to merge the conversations. (See Merge Duplicate Customer Profiles for how to do that.) 

If you want to merge conversations from different customers into a group conversation, you'll need to pick one of the customers to be the primary customer on the conversation and make that change, then merge and add the other customer as a CC. 

For example, you received an email from Phoebe and Rahul, both from the same company, asking the same question. Change the conversation that belongs to Rahul to belong to Phoebe (see Change the Customer on a Conversation), and then you'll find then that you can merge the two conversations together. Make sure to add Rahul as a CC so that you're replying to both of them! 

  • If you have more than 2 conversations to merge, you'll need to merge one at a time. 

Pick the conversation that you want to be the main conversation, and then choose the conversations from Previous Conversations that you want to merge in one at a time, following the steps below. There is no option to bulk merge conversations. 

  • Once you merge, there's no going back!

There is no method to revert or undo a conversation merge. Make sure that you really want to merge those conversations before you do it. 

How to Merge Conversations


Head into the conversation that you want to keep as the primary conversation. Click the conversation that you want to merge into this one from the Previous Conversations list in the sidebar. 


In the Conversation Preview modal, click Merge, then click Merge in the confirmation modal to proceed. Remember, there is no undo!


The thread (or threads) from the merged conversation will show a notice. The conversation that you chose from the Previous Conversations list to merge no longer exists and no longer shows in Previous Conversations.

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