Merge conversations from the same customer

Occasionally, you may have the same customer send you two or three different emails. Our merge feature lets you consolidate those messages into one conversation so you can easily reply to all their questions at one time.

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Things you should know

Before you merge, keep in mind:

  • You cannot merge conversations from two different customers, so the email address must be the same on both conversations, or the two email addresses must both be associated with the same customer profile. See: Merge duplicate customer profiles.
  • Once you hit the merge button, there's no going back. You cannot undo or revert a merge.

How to merge a conversation


Open a conversation from a customer. Start on the conversation from which you want to keep the subject line, as the merged conversation will take that one's subject. You can always edit the subject later as well. Take a gander at the Previous Conversations section of the sidebar and select the conversation you'd like to merge. You'll see it pop up in a new modal window.


Click the Merge button. You'll be prompted to confirm the merge. 


You'll see a small snippet of text as a reminder of the historic event that took place in the conversation. The merged conversation will have the subject of the conversation you first had open. The subject of the conversation under Previous Conversations will be lost. 

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