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The @mentions feature allows you to ping another User or Team in a note on a conversation and send them a notification without having to assign it to them. This article is all about how @mentions work.

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How @mentions Work

Type the @ symbol in a note and you'll see an inline dropdown with a list of Users and Teams that have access to the Mailbox you're working in. The list of names will filter as you type more letters. Click to select a User at any time, or use the arrow keys and Tab to navigate with the keyboard. 

Mentions will only work within the note editor specifically. To mention a User or team:

Open a conversation, then click on the Note icon in the toolbar to open the note editor.

Type the @ symbol in the Note field and begin typing the name you want to @mention. A dropdown menu will appear with names that match as you type. Hit the Tab key on your keyboard to select the top option, use the arrow keys to highlight other options then hit Tab, or use your mouse to click any option in the list. 

Type in the rest of the Note's message. Add an @mention anywhere in the note, and/or @mention multiple Users and Teams. Click Add Note to save your note with the @mention. 

Your note indicates the @mentioned names in bold, and the User(s) mentioned will receive notifications. 

@mention Notifications

A notification will always show in the Notification Station when you're @mentioned in a note. You may also elect to receive an email, browser, or mobile notification for @mentions in your Notification Settings

In-app notifications

Check the Notification Station to keep tabs on all of your @mentions, along with other updates.

Email notifications

You'll also receive an email notification if you have enabled that option in your notification settings.

You can reply to the notification email to reply to that note, or log in to Help Scout to reply.

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