About Deleting Customer Profiles

There are no limits to the number of customers you can have in Help Scout, but you may need to delete a customer profile from time to time, possibly due to a GDPR request to be forgotten or other privacy policy mandates. Whatever your reason might be, deleting a profile from your account is quick and easy!

Help Scout's GDPR policy is outlined here: Policies and Procedures: GDPR.

Warning: Before you begin, keep in mind that deleting a profile is a permanent step — there is no undo and the data cannot be restored.  

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What Happens When You Delete a Profile

Deleting a customer profile will also delete all conversations linked to that profile. This includes the following:

  • Phone notes 
  • Chat transcripts 
  • Email conversations 
  • Group email conversations in which this the customer participated
  • All conversations where the customer was set as the primary customer using Change Customer
  • All Messages data associated with that customer

Conversations where an email address associated with that customer profile is present in the CC or BCC fields only are not linked to their profile. These conversations will not be deleted. 

Keep in mind that deleting a customer profile and the associated conversations is permanent. There is no way to restore the data after deletion. 

How to Delete a Profile

By default, account owners and administrators can delete a customer profile. This permission can be changed in the company permission settings. (See User Roles and Permissions for more on that.) To delete a profile, just follow these steps:

Click Customers from the top menu. 

Search to find the customer profile you wish to delete. Click on the customer to open the profile. Scroll down and click Delete Customer.

A modal will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the customer. Remember that there is no undo and the data cannot be restored — if you're sure you're ready to delete that customer profile and all conversations associated with their profile, type in DELETE and click Delete Customer to confirm.

Note: If the customer profile you'd like to delete has more than 100 conversations linked to their profile, a Help Scout Administrator or Account Owner will need to reach out to our support team for an assist — just give us a shout and we'll take care of it for you!

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