Manage Your User Profile

Add the personal details that make your Help Scout account uniquely yours in your user profile. This article will walk you through how to edit your profile and all of the options available.

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Profile Overview

Click your avatar or initials in the top right corner and choose Your Profile

Each Help Scout User can maintain their own user profile to reflect their own preferences. Account Owners and Administrators can change settings on all User profiles by going to Manage > Users

Variables for email signatures or saved replies pull the information from user profiles, exactly as entered in the profile fields. See Work With Variables to learn more about the options with variables.


This is the name that will be shown throughout Help Scout and in Beacon chat and previous messages. 


Your preferred pronouns.


This is your primary email address for Help Scout, and the email address you use to log in to Help Scout.

Billing Email

Any emails in this field will receive the payment receipts each month. This field only appears on the Account Owner's profile. 

Alternate Emails

Enter any other email addresses that you want Help Scout to treat as emails from you here. You can manually forward emails from those addresses, but you cannot use those to log in to Help Scout. Find a quick primer on manual forwarding in Manually Forward Email to Help Scout.


Click the link to change your password. 

Job Title and Phone Number

Used in variables for signatures and saved replies. 

Maximum Chats

The number of chats this User will be able to accept before being considered Unavailable for new chats in Beacon. Head over to User Availability and Maximum Chats for more about this setting. 

Timezone and Time Format

The Timezone dropdown dictates the time stamp on your conversations and inside your folders. The Time Format controls how the time is displayed in Help Scout for you. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to move around Help Scout quickly with very little mouse intervention. If you'd like to disable the shortcuts, you can do so by toggling off the Keyboard Shortcuts option. A list of all shortcuts can be found in Keyboard Shortcuts.


Upload a photo of yourself to serve as your Help Scout avatar. You'll see your profile photo next to replies and notes that you add in Help Scout. This photo may also appear in Beacon to your customers. For more details on what shows in Beacon check out What Information Your Visitors Can See.

Add your profile photo to the Inbox email signature if you want your customers to see your smiling faces in your email replies. See more about that in Create and Manage Inbox Signatures: Use Variables to Personalize Your Signature.

To upload a photo, press the Choose File or Browse... button and select an image from your computer. Press Save Profile to view the photo preview and save your changes simultaneously.

Additional Settings

These options are found in the left navigation menu from Your Profile.


Under the Authentication page, you'll find 4 tabs: 

  • Security: Enable or disable Two-factor Authentication for your Help Scout account. Learn more at Set Up Two-factor Authentication.
  • Docs API Keys: Create and manage API keys for any dynamic integrations that need to retrieve information from your Help Scout Docs site. Access to the Docs API is available on the Standard, Plus, and Pro plans.
  • Authorized Apps: If you have used your credentials to authorize any apps to connect to Help Scout, you will see those here. 
  • Active Sessions: Lists active sessions for your account. You can revoke access to sessions you do not recognize. Learn more at Session Management


Set up and manage email, browser, and mobile notifications. Learn more about notifications in Manage Help Scout Notifications.

Auto Bcc

Auto Bcc allows you to send a copy of any replies you send from Help Scout to a specific external address. Auto Bcc also applies to conversations you reply to from email notifications. When replying to an email notification, you can use the @nobcc command to prevent your reply from being sent out to the specified Bcc address.

If you'd like to add an Auto Bcc address for your Inbox for all senders, any Admin can do so from your Inbox's settings page. Read more about Inbox settings in Customize Your Inbox Settings.

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