Merge Duplicate Customer Profiles

It's not uncommon for customers to send messages from different email addresses or through different channels. This can cause a bit of confusion for your team — instead of having one profile for that customer, you might have two or three profiles for the same person. 

It's helpful to keep conversation history in one place, and to do that you can merge profiles together to stay organized.

How to Merge Customer Profiles


Locate both the duplicate profile and the profile you want to keep. The easiest way to do this is to head to the Customers List and find the customer profiles that you want to merge. In our example below we are searching by name to find both of the profiles. 


Copy the email address of the profile you don't want to keep. In this example, we're not keeping Next, click on the profile tile for the one you do want to keep ( The profile editor modal will pop-up. You can complete Step 3 in the modal window or click Edit Full Profile to open the full profile. 


Click the + under EMAIL. Paste the address you copied previously. Remember, the address you're pasting in is from the profile you don't want to keep — you're adding it to the main profile to merge things together. 


Hit enter or click elsewhere on the page after adding that email address. Click the Continue button in the pop-up to confirm the changes. Now, go outside, walk the dog, or just keep working if you have to. You've merged! 

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