How to reply and add notes to conversations

Messages from your customers are called conversations in Help Scout. This article will quickly teach you how to perform basic conversation actions.  

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Sending a reply to the customer

To open the reply editor, press the R key or click the Reply arrow from the top toolbar. Type and format your reply as you see fit. Need to Cc or Bcc someone? Look for the Cc/Bcc link just above the editor. 

You can change the conversation status or assign the conversation to another team member as well. Clicking on the Send Reply button will send your message, then take you to the next conversation in the folder. We also have some other nifty redirect options if you'd prefer to be taken back to the folder or stay on the same page.

Who am I replying to? You'll always be replying to the person shown in the Customer Profile section of the sidebar. If there are any Cc or Bcc addresses attached to the thread, those folks will also receive your reply.

Inserting an image

You can upload an image by clicking on the Insert Image icon. Our editor has a built-in image resizing mechanism that limits images to 600 pixels.

Adding a note

Notes are internal memos that can be added to any conversation by a Help Scout User. To add a note to the conversation, click on the Note icon from the top toolbar. You'll notice that the editor window changes to yellow, along with the action button. Notes are never sent to the customer.

Changing the subject

To change the conversation subject line, click on the existing subject text. Type in your new subject, then click the Save button. 

Common questions

Can I change the font color and size of my outgoing messages?
Negative! Many people set custom font sizes and colors within their mail client. We don't force any values on our end, which allows the mail client to take over. We have no plans to add support for custom font sizes or colors. 

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