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We'll update this article when new features are added, or when notable changes are made to Beacon. Here's everything Beacon offers, soup to nuts.

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Beacon builder 
Embed code is ready out of the box, changes sync real-time to Beacon
JavaScript API
Programmatically customize and control Beacon using the API
Custom Fields - Plus
Show custom fields in Beacon to help customers categorize support requests
Docs integration 
Lead with Docs search and suggested articles to reduce support requests 
Use new words to match your voice or translate phrases to another language
Support history 
Customers can see all previous conversations, including chat and email history 
Support history security
Add an extra layer of security around support history with a little server side code
Real time notifications
Customers receive notifications in Beacon when there’s a new chat or email message
File attachments 
Quickly upload files and images with a new support request 
Beacon sidebar 
Use the identify method to pass valuable customer context in to the customer sidebar 
Suggested content
Show top Docs articles or custom URLs on the Beacon welcome screen

Content Suggestions by URL
Show specific articles based on the page the customer is on

Mobile SDKs
Add Beacon directly to your iOS and Android apps. The Android SDK now supports live chat for your customers (in Beta), with iOS support for this feature on the roadmap for a future release.
Beacon modes
Get search and chat options just right using Self Service, Neutral, and Ask First escalation paths 
Docs Article ratings 
Customers can rate an article and send feedback to let you know if an article was helpful or not
Restrict Docs site access
Turn off Docs site visibility to make your Docs content accessible through Beacon only
Embedded Articles 
Suggest instant answers by linking to the Docs article of your choice and displaying it inline in one of four different formats


Available Now

Chat-specific UI
An interface designed to help you manage multiple chats without dropping the ball 
Assign chat conversations to yourself or to a teammate
Tag chats as you go to categorize conversations

Saved Replies  
Insert canned responses to send fast answers while chatting

Private notes
Collaborate in real-time to coach your teammates while they chat with customers
Maximum chats
When you reach your max chats, we’ll change your chat status so that you don’t leave customers hanging
File attachments 
Send files and images to customers right from the chat editor 
Collision detection
Real-time indicators when people are viewing a chat 
Typing indicators
Real-time typing indicators let you know when a customer is typing a reply 
Smart User availability 
Chat is only shown to customers when someone is available to help
Stay on top of new chats with in-app and browser notifications
Docs search
Search Docs when chatting to send an article link without leaving the chat
End chat summary
Add a private note to the chat conversation to summarize what the chat was about
Email transcripts
Chats become conversations in Help Scout, customers get an optional email transcript
Visitor activity 
See what pages a customer visited right before they got in touch 
Link unfurling 
Links to images and Docs articles neatly expand to show a preview in chat and Beacon
User presence 
Automatic chat status changes when you lose connection, log out, or miss a chat
Chat reporting
Measure what matters most with a new chat focused report
Unbranded Beacon - Plus
Create Beacons without the“Powered by Help Scout” logo
Chat availability by mailbox
Set your chat status per mailbox with a chat enabled Beacon
Emoji support
Use a pre-built picker to send a few basic emojis in chat

On the Roadmap

GIF support 
A GIF integration to send fun stuff back and forth right from the app
Chat satisfaction ratings 
Asks customers for feedback when you wrap up a chat
User permissions 
More control over who can chat with customers 
Chat visibility by page 
Control where customers see the option to chat through a single Beacon on your website
Custom fields - Plus
Fill in custom fields from the chat interface 
Block visitors
Prevent a visitor from chatting or sending a message through Beacon for 24 hours
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