Customize Content Suggestions in Beacon

Display specific help content to your customers depending on the page they visit. Choose from the Docs articles connected to your Beacon, or from the external links of your choice.

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Set Suggestions for a Specific URL

To add a new URL, click the All Pages panel, then click the Add a URL link from the menu. In the modal that pops up, enter the URL where you want specific articles to show in Beacon. You can add up to 200 URLs per Beacon. 

From there, you can enter up to 5 suggestions for that URL. Click on each Top Article list item to choose a help article from the connected Docs site or collection, or choose Add a web link to add a link to any other website address. 

Edit the Content on a URL

You can edit the articles that appear on a specific URL at any time. Click All Pages to open the menu and select one of the URLs from the list. Make edits as needed below. 

Disable Top Articles 

Show Top Articles is always on unless there are suggested articles or links set for All Pages so that Beacon always has something to display. 

Set a custom suggested article or link under All Pages first, then toggle Show Top Articles off and click Save

Link to External Pages

Choose the Add a web link option to insert a link to an external page outside of the Docs site. The URL is the address of the link, the Text will be the linked text that shows in your Beacon. Both fields are required. 

Supported URL Structures

We support any valid URL structure, including relative paths. The URL must start with a forward slash (/), http:// or https://, and can include wildcards (*). You can put the wildcard (*) anywhere in the URL. A relative path will use the domain of the page that is calling the Beacon. Here are a few examples of supported structures: 

  • https://*/folder/directory
  • https://*
  • https://*.*/folder/directory
  • /folder/directory
  • /folder/*/settings

Use Beacon JavaScript With Custom Coding

The Beacon builder in-app allows you to set suggestions based on what page a visitor is on. You can use JavaScript to set suggestions based on the criteria of your choice — the sky is the limit with custom coding. 

Just build the code that decides when to call it, and use the Beacon('suggest') method to set the suggested articles or links as you like. Full Beacon JavaScript documentation is here: Beacon Developer Docs.

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