Work With Beacon Modes

The Mode feature controls how site visitors interact with your Beacon. You can guide folks to get in touch right off the bat, or encourage self-service first, or just start with a more neutral option. 

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Editing Your Beacon Mode

When creating a new Beacon:

  1. Head to Manage > Beacons
  2. Click on New Beacon
  3. Enable Email form on the Contact options screen, and enable Docs on the Self Service screen. Mode will show as an option for you to choose. 

  4. For existing Beacons, head to Manage > Beacons > [choose your Beacon] > Docs to see the options when both Docs and Show Contact Form are enabled. See Manage Beacon Contact Settings for more on enabling the contact form.

Self Service

See help articles first, contact options second. Beacon opens in the Answers screen, and it’s not possible to move to Ask without interacting with the content. The customer must run a search, or open a help article and leave a negative rating, and contact options will then appear.


See both help articles and contact options side by side. Beacon opens in the Answers screen, and customers can move to the Ask screen at any point.

Ask First

See contact options first, help articles second. Beacon opens in the Ask screen, and customers can move to Answers at any point.

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