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Beacon provides on-demand FAQs, chat, and an email contact rolled into one helpful widget. To add Beacon to your website or web based app, just create a new Beacon or grab the installation code from the Beacon you want to use, and pop that into your website or app. Our SDKs will help your mobile developers add Beacon to your mobile apps too. 

Adding Beacon to your website requires that you have access to your website's code and are able to add JavaScript to it. We provide some guides for some of the more popular website builders here that will walk you through some basics, but you might need to reach out to your IT team or web developer for help if that's not your expertise or you want to do any advanced customization. Adding Beacon to your mobile app requires mobile app development knowledge. 

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Get the Installation Code

The Beacon installation code is just 2 JavaScript calls that will load the Beacon wherever you want to install it. Head to Manage > Beacons > [Choose your Beacon] > Installation

Click the Copy button to copy the entire code you see there to your clipboard.  

Add the Code to Your Site

Add that code to your website's code on any pages where you want Beacon to appear. It's really that simple! 

You will need to know how to add that to your site's code to do that of course, so if that doesn't sound so simple to you, reach out to the person or team responsible for maintaining your website and send them that code. You'll even find an option to email it right from the page where you would copy the code as noted above — just click the link to Send Instructions you see just above the code. 

Note: The Beacon installation code should only be added one time to any page on a site; you cannot initialize more than one Beacon at a time.

If you used a website builder rather than working with a developer or IT team, we can offer a little more help!

Below you'll find guides for some of the most popular website builder platforms that will walk you through placing the default Beacon install code in your site to appear on the whole site

Choose your platform below: 


If you are using WordPress to build your site, your options and the best method to add Beacon can vary wildly depending on where you're hosting it and how it's been installed. Most WordPress guides recommend using a plugin to add custom JavaScript to a WordPress site, and that is likely your best bet. 

There are quite a few different plugins available that can handle this for you so you can pick the one that suits your own needs the best. If you're not sure how to get moving there, Simple Custom CSS and JS might be a good place to start. (Note: Help Scout is not affiliated with that plugin or the developer of it in any way. If you need help with the plugin, you'll want to reach out to their support forum.) 


Kajabi has an article to help you add custom code to a Kajabi site here: How to Add Custom Code to Your Page. You should be able to paste in the Beacon code following their directions — if you need further help, their support team would be able to assist from there. 


Check in with the support or developer team for the builder or host your site uses — most of the time, if you can add JavaScript to your site, you can add a Beacon. Just grab that installation code and pop it into your site wherever you'd be adding any other JavaScript bits! 

Help Scout Docs Site

Check out Manage Docs Contact With Beacon for more on how to configure the Beacon that's built into Docs. 

Add Beacon to a Mobile App

We've made it quick and easy for your mobile development team to add Beacon to your mobile apps. Just point your mobile developers over to the Beacon for Mobile Developer Documentation

We offer a SDK (Software Development Kit) for both iOS and Android based apps. 

Customizing Your Beacon

Website or web based app

You'll need a little coding skill If you'd like to customize your Beacon installation on your website or web based app beyond the options you see in Help Scout. Head over to the Beacon JavaScript API for the full details on what's possible (or point your developer team that way). 

You can use your own JavaScript to customize how, when, and where you call the Beacon, pass along customer information, use it to automatically open Beacon to a specific screen, or even open Docs articles in a sidebar or modal window, as just a few examples of the things you can do.  

For some ideas on customizations you might want to try, check out Advanced Beacon Customization

Mobile Apps

Check out Customizing the Mobile SDKs for documentation and guidance.

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