What's New with User Roles: Light Users

We have introduced a new user role called Light Users, available to current Plus and Pro plans. This article will tell you a little bit about that role and how it works. 

If you were on a legacy Plus plan that was migrated in September 2022, you were migrated to the Plus plan that includes this new user role then. If you are on any other plan you can upgrade your account at any time. 

What is a light user?

A light user is a Help Scout user that has limited access and permissions. This role is able to view information and collaborate with your team in Help Scout, but cannot interact directly with customers. 

Light users are able to:

  • View, follow, and add internal notes to conversations
  • View customer profiles and properties
  • View Docs articles
  • View and export reporting data
  • Create and manage Beacons and Messages

How many light users will be included with my plan?

The current Plus plan includes 25 light users at no additional cost. 

Users with the Manage Account: Billing and plan changes permission will be able to purchase 25 additional light users through an add-on for $125/month in the future. 

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