Create an NPS® Message

Messages allows you to run Net Promoter Score (NPS®) surveys with clients and customers. Add your NPS Message to any Beacon that's been implemented with identify to easily find out if your customers are ready to recommend you. 

In this article, we will walk you through creating a simple NPS survey. 

Before you get started: NPS Messages require that Beacon is using identify in order for Messages to recognize your customers. Take a look at Advanced Beacon Customization: Use identify to Send Customer Data for more details on using the Beacon identify method. You may need to request assistance from your IT department or web developers to implement that feature.

The example shown here will serve up an NPS survey, request additional feedback, and appear to the visitor every 2 months when they visit a page that has the J&G Beacon installed.

You need to have the Messages & Beacons: Create, edit, delete permission to follow these steps. 

Head to Messages from the top menu and you're ready to start!


Click Create Message in the top right corner if you don't already see the New Message screen. Give your Message a name that only your Help Scout Users will see. Select NPS for the Display type, then click Create.


Start on the Create tab. Choose the Beacon you want to display the NPS Message. Make sure the Beacon you choose is installed on the pages where you want this NPS Message to appear on your site or app. 

Enter the Question you'd like to show on the survey, up to 180 characters. Customize the Detractor label and Promoter label fields, up to 25 characters, if you wish to use different terminology. These elements will be visible in the final Message.


Click the Ask for comment upon selection checkbox to request additional feedback from your customers after they have chosen an NPS rating. Additional fields appear under the check box when selected. Customize the text in these fields if you like. 


Choose whether your Message will show a button, and if so whether it should show the standard Beacon button or one of your User's avatars. An Edit link appears under the avatar option when selected. Click that link to choose which of your team's avatars will be this Message button. 

A preview of your NPS Message will show on the right side of your screen as you fill in these fields.


Click the Events tab at the top of the page. Choose None to show your NPS survey to visitors whenever they land on a page with your Beacon.

Head over to Messages Actions, Events, and Audience for more detail on the Sequence of events or Manual options.


Click Audience at the top of the page. Choose Everyone to show the message to all visitors that meet the Event criteria.

See Messages Actions, Events, and Audience for more information on the Selected people option. 


Click Schedule at the top of the page. Choose Immediately to start your NPS Message showing as soon as you finish the setup, and set Repeat to Every 6 months to show this to visitors again in the future.

See Messages Actions, Events, and Audience for more information on the Repeat and Pause options.  


Click Save in the top right corner when you've set each option, then choose Review and Start to review your choices and start the Message, following the schedule you set.

And ta-da — you've created an NPS Message! 🎉

For more information on retrieving the results of the survey, see Messages Performance Reports.

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