Create a Smart Contact Form

Automatically route emails to the right person, place, or team by adding Custom Fields to Beacon, a smarter contact form to touch base with the people you do business with.

Before you dive in!

Have you setup Custom Fields for your Mailbox? You'll need to create Custom Fields in your Mailbox before you can add them to Beacon. Read our guide on how to set up Custom Fields here.

In the Beacon Settings, head to Contact in the left side bar to customize your form. 

Scroll down to the Contact Form section and toggle Show Custom Fields.

Select up to five Custom Fields for contacts to self-select before submitting an email message through Beacon. For ideas and inspiration on how to use Custom Fields, check out this handy use case guide

In the Mailbox Settings, head to Workflows to set up automations by Custom Fields. 

Automatically assign conversations to specific Users or Teams based on the field selected for smarter delegation, or create priority Folders to organize conversations into views. 

To track and report based on selected Custom Fields, head to Reports. The All Channels Report features a breakdown of any Custom Field dropdown selections.

Reports Views allow you to view all Reports through the specific lens of any Custom Field. If you need to set up reports by Account Type, Company, or Client, using a Reports View by Custom Field is the way to go! 

Beacon makes it easier for the folks that need help to get in touch. Custom Fields makes it easier for your team to help those people in need. Add Custom Fields to Beacon on Help Scout Plus
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