Create a Smart Contact Form With Beacon

Add custom fields to Beacon to offer your visitors a smarter contact form to touch base with you and set up automations based on the form selections.

Custom fields is a feature available to Plus and Pro plans.

Before you dive in!

Have you setup custom fields for your Inbox? You'll need to create custom fields in your Inbox before you can add them to Beacon. Read more here: Work With Custom Fields

Add Custom Fields to a Beacon

Head to Manage > Beacon > [Choose Your Beacon] > Contact to get started building your form. 

Scroll down to the Contact Form section and toggle Show Custom Fields. Select up to 5 custom fields to show to customers on Beacon.

They'll see the chosen options before they send you an email.

For ideas and inspiration on how to use Custom Fields, check out Custom Fields Templates and Scenarios.

Use Workflows to Act on Conversations

Set up workflows to look for those custom fields and take automated actions on the conversations that were submitted through Beacon. Check out Get Started With Workflows if you're new to workflows in Help Scout.

For example, you can set up a workflow to automatically tag conversations where your customers have selected the Product Line: Ties custom field option.

Use a workflow to automatically assign to a User or a Team, copy the conversations to custom folder, or even to automatically reply based on that custom field.

Check out Workflow Conditions and Actions: Actions for all the possibilities!

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