Move between conversations with redirect options

Action buttons in Help Scout contain a linked dropdown menu with various redirect options. These options allow the User to specify where they'll be redirected (in Help Scout) after updating the conversation. This article talks about redirect options.

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An ode to redirection

Early on in Help Scout's history, we spent a lot of time testing various workflows to see what would help people move fastest between conversations. One of the things we optimized is what happens when you perform an action (send a reply, add a note, etc). We found that redirecting you to the next newest, active conversation is the best approach most of the time.

If we're being honest with each other though, you don't always want to go to the next active conversation. We also have folks who prefer a different workflow all together. This is where User-controlled redirect options come in.

Where can I find these options?

Redirect options are available on Help Scout action buttons:

  • Next to the Send Reply button when replying to a conversation.
  • Next to the Add Note button when adding a note to a conversation.
  • Next the Forward button when forwarding a conversation.
  • Next to the Create button when composing a new conversation.

Note: When creating a new conversation, you'll notice a special option to Create and add another. This option will create the conversation you're currently working on then reload the new conversation page so you can create another conversation.

A closer look at each option

  • Send and stay on page will send your reply and reload the same conversation.
  • Send and back to folder will take you back to the previous folder.
  • Send and next active will take you to the next newest, active conversation in the queue.
  • Change default redirect allows the User to set the default action. Each User can have their own default redirect action.

Common questions

Can I disable redirect options?
Negative. Redirect options are available for all Users! There's no way to disable the option globally or lock it down for certain people.

How does this apply to other conversation actions?
If you run a manual workflow, delete a conversation, or move a conversation to another mailbox, you'll be redirected to the next newest, active conversation. In other words, the default redirection kicks in.

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