Help Scout's Email Template

Help Scout is entirely email-based and invisible to the customer. As such, all replies sent to customers via Help Scout are wrapped neatly in a simple email template. 

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Template Details

Here's the low down: 

  • We don't include any conversation numbers in the template, nor do we include a delimiter line that prompts customers to reply above it. 
  • The email template cannot be customized in any manner. You're not able to add or remove elements from the template, or adjust the style or formatting. 
  • We do not set a font size in the template. This means that the customer's email client will display the text based on their own font settings. 

Our Template

Our template looks and feels like a regular email sent from your average email client. In the example below, Erica is the original customer, and Jason is the Help Scout User who replied to the message. 

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