Send Article Links or Content With the Docs Search Bar

The Docs search bar allows you to search for Docs articles while you're drafting a reply, and insert links or content from those articles without leaving the conversation editor. This article explains how to work with the Docs search bar.

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Toggle Docs Search On or Off

Each User can toggle the Docs search bar on or off in each mailbox. Just head to a conversation in a mailbox and select the More Options menu — the 3 dots at the top of the conversation window. Click Toggle Docs Search to toggle it on or off for the mailbox you are in.

You'll see the search bar appear at the top of a conversation when the Docs Search is on.

Type in your search terms and you'll see all articles that match — even unpublished and articles in private collections.

  • A published public article, like the Shipping Options article shown in the example above, shows the Insert icon. Click that in the list to insert a link to that article into your reply.
  • Articles in private collections, like the International Shipping Options article shown in the example above, will offer the Link icon. Click that to copy the URL to that article to your clipboard so that you can open that article in a separate tab or window to view. Remember that link will only work for logged in Help Scout users. 
  • You cannot use any action from the search list on an unpublished article, such as the Shipping Timelines article shown in the example above. 

Note: Prefer to use your keyboard to get around? Navigate the search results using the keyboard arrow keys. Press Enter or Return to head to the preview window, or use the Space bar while on a published public article to insert the link into your reply. 

Preview and Take Actions

Click on an article from the suggested list to open a preview window. In the preview window, click the previous or next arrows to move through the list of search results. Next to those arrows you'll see the other options available to you, depending on what sort of article it is. In addition to the actions described below, you'll also see the option to Edit Article if you have permission to edit Docs articles. See User Roles and Permissions for more information there. 

Published public articles

Insert Link inserts the name of the article as a link into your reply. 

Unpublished articles

Insert Content will paste the content of the entire article into your reply.  

Private articles

Insert Content to paste the content of the entire article into your reply, or Copy Link to copy the address for that private article to your clipboard. Remember that link will only work for logged in Help Scout users. 

Use articles in private collections to ease sharing forms, files, or any content you might not want to publish to your public Docs site, but want to be able to share with customers quickly and easily. 

You can also use internal collections to stand in for Saved Replies when you need to share across Mailboxes. Docs content is accessible from the Docs Search Bar from any Mailbox, so just save the reply content in a private collection, and use Insert Content to drop it in like you would a Saved Reply. You can even use variables in the content and the conversation editor will fill those in when you send.

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