Conversation Lock options

Have you ever had a customer reply to an ancient conversation? Conversation Lock prevents new updates to old conversations. This keeps old conversations from surfacing to the top of the queue again. 

How it works

You can define a set number of days that a conversation should remain open for updates. After the specified day limit is reached, any new updates to the historical conversation will create a brand new conversation, instead of adding the new customer update to the old conversation. 

This will only kick in on conversations that have a Closed status. It will not work on conversations that are set to Pending

Administrators can set the Conversation Lock value from your Company settings.

Use case scenario 

  • Customer starts a conversation on January 1st.
  • User replies and closes the conversation on January 2nd.
  • Customer replies to the same conversation on March 1st.

With the Conversation Lock value set to 30 days, the customer reply on March 1st would create a brand new conversation in Help Scout. Without the Conversation Lock, the customer reply would have updated the original conversation from January 1st, causing that conversation to appear as Active again in the queue. 

A small notification will appear at the bottom of the thread to indicate that a new conversation has started, and will also link back to the older one.

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