Set Company Office Hours

If you occasionally close up shop, then you might want to set your company's Office Hours in Help Scout. That way you can review data and automatically respond to customers based on the times you're open. This article is all about the Office Hours setting and its benefits. 

Help Scout Account Owners and Administrators have permission to manage the Office Hours setting. See User Roles and Permissions for more information on that. 

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Set Your Office Hours


Head to Manage > Company, then choose Office Hours in the left sidebar. 


Toggle Status on, and enter your hours of operation for each day of the week your business is open. Check the Office closed checkbox for any days that your business is closed.


Choose whether you want the Office Hours to apply to All Inboxes, or only certain ones.

Office Hours and Reports

Use Office Hours to filter the Email Report and the User Report to help you gain more accurate insights into how quickly your team responds to your customers' email requests while business is in session. Read more about Help Scout Reports in general here: Reporting

Office Hours in the Email Report

Check the Office Hours checkbox at the top right corner of the Response Time metrics, right below the main productivity chart. The Response Time metrics update instantly.

Office Hours in the User Report

Check the Office Hours box in the top right just above the graph. This will recalculate the Resolution and Response Time metrics for the user based on your Office Hours settings. 

Office Hours and the Auto Reply

Let your customers know that while you may be closed for now, you’ll be be back and ready to respond once your business day starts. 

Click in to the inbox you want to edit, then head to Manage > Inbox(es) > [Choose your inbox] > Auto Reply.
Make sure you've turned on the Auto Reply and check the box next to Only send outside of office hours to only send that Auto Reply when you're not in.
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