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Enabling & Disabling notifications 

Each User in your account can set up notifications based on their personal preferences. Administrators on an account can also change notification preferences on a user's behalf (see step 2).


Click on the Account icon in the top right corner of Help Scout, followed by the Your Profile option.


On the left side of the page, click on the Notifications option. If you are an administrator and would like to modify notification settings on another user's behalf, click on the user's name to access a drop-down menu of users on your account.


Enable notifications by checking the box next to the event you'd like to be notified of, then hit the blue Save Notifications button at the bottom of the page. You can also select options at the top of the page to customize notifications per mailbox, or apply the same settings for all mailboxes you have access to. To disable notifications, make sure the box is unchecked and hit Save Notifications to confirm the changes. 

Notification station

The in-app notifications menu is a single spot where you can view all of your Help Scout notifications. From @mentions, to follow updates, to new conversation's all there. 

When you have a new notification, you'll see an orange dot appear on the bell notification icon. Clicking the icon will open the Notifications modal. Clicking each notification will open the relevant conversation in a new pop-up window. 

Notifications are kept for 30 days. After that time period, notifications older than 30 days will automatically drop off the notifications list. 

Email notifications

Help Scout sends you an email update when certain conversation events take place. From your personal inbox and without logging in, you can reply to a conversation, add a note, or change the status...and those are just a  few of the helpful commands available.

Help Scout email notifications are unique to the User  and the conversation. Only the person who received the notification can reply to it. In other words, you can't forward your own email notification to another User or a third-party. To learn more about replying to email notifications, visit this article

Browser notifications

Browser notifications appear in the top right corner of your screen on Mac, and the bottom right corner of the screen on Windows. Before you enable browser notifications in Help Scout, make sure your browser settings allow websites to send you notifications. Instructions on enabling/disabling notifications are linked below for some of the more popular browsers.

On Windows, Chrome browser notifications in versions 68 and higher are sent through Windows Action Center. Make sure your  Windows Notification & actions settings allow Chrome to send through here in addition to the Chrome settings. 

Mobile notifications

Mobile notifications are helpful for keeping tabs on conversation updates while you're on the go. Check out more about mobile notifications in both our iOS and Android apps in  this article.

iOS app

With the  Help Scout iOS app installed, make sure to allow notifications from the Help Scout app before enabling mobile notifications. It's worth mentioning that the iOS app does not have mobile notification settings built-in. If you need to update your notification settings, visit the Notification page under your profile as mentioned above. 

Android app

You can set up notifications on your Android device by opening up the Help Scout app and selecting the Show notifications checkbox. If you need to update which events you're notified of, visit the Notification page under your profile as mentioned above. 

HIPAA Compliance and Notifications 

Plus Plan customers are eligible to have a HIPAA-compliant Help Scout plan. After we receive your signed BAA, we turn on a set of features on your Help Scout account that removes identifying information from notifications that go out for your account. If you'd prefer to disable notifications, you do so by following the directions above.   

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