Following a Conversation

The Follow feature lets you subscribe to a conversation to keep tabs on all of its updates, and is available on the Standard and Plus plans. This article talks about how to follow or unfollow a conversation. 

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Following a conversation


First, select the conversation you would like to follow. Once you're in the conversation, click on the More Actions option from the main conversation menu, and select Follow. You'll receive a green confirmation message stating that you are now following that conversation. You can also type "O", which is our 'Follow' keyboard shortcut to skip a few steps!


When you follow a conversation, you will start receiving email notifications alerting you when one of the following actions happens: the customer has replied, another User has replied, a note was added, and/or the assignee status was changed. 

Unfollowing a conversation


If you need to unfollow a conversation, there are two quick and easy ways of doing so. The first is via the "Unfollow" link at the bottom of each email notification. Once you click the  link, you will be taken to the conversation in Help Scout and receive an "Unfollowed" confirmation message.

You also have the option to unfollow the conversation in-app. In Help Scout, head into the conversation, click on the More Actions option and select Unfollow. You'll then receive a green confirmation message that you have unfollowed the conversation.
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