Using @mentions in notes

The @mentions features allow you to ping another User or team in a note to direct their attention to a conversation without having to assign it to them. This article is all about how @mentions work. 

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How mentions work

When you type the @ symbol in a note, you'll see an inline dropdown with a list of Users and teams. As you continue to type, the list of names will continue to filter until you find the mention match you're looking for. You can select a User at any time, or hit the Tab key to auto-complete your selection. 

When a User is @mentioned, they receive an email notification and an in-app notification. Mentions will only work within the note editor, and cannot be used when replying to customers. To mention a User or team:

Open a conversation, then click on the Note icon in the menu toolbar to open the note editor.
Once the yellow note editor appears, type the @ symbol and begin typing any of your Users' names. A dropdown menu will appear of the Users that match what you have typed. Hit the Tab key to auto-complete your selection. 
Select the User you'd like to mention in the note, and type in some text. Make sure there's a space between them mention name, and the text you're leaving. 
Hit Add Note, and the User will then be notified by email of the note you've just mentioned them in.

Mention notifications

When you're mentioned in a conversation, you'll receive a notification email, as well as a visual notification in-app in the notification center. 

Email notifications 

The User will receive an email notification to the email address that they use to log into Help Scout with. It will let them know they've been mentioned in a conversation.

The User will then be able to reply to the notification, and it will be added as a note to the corresponding conversation in Help Scout. 

In-app notifications

Check the  in-app notification center to keep tabs on all of your @mentions, as well as other conversation updates. 

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