Create and Manage Mailbox Signatures

Signatures in Help Scout work just a bit differently than you're most likely used to seeing in traditional email clients. A signature belongs to a Mailbox in Help Scout, rather than a User — all emails from that mailbox will have the same signature no matter which User is replying. Use variables to auto-populate the signature with individual User information. You'll need to be the Account Owner or an Administrator to follow the steps in this article. 

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Create a Signature


Head to Manage > Mailbox(es) > Choose Your Mailbox. Scroll down on the main settings page and you will find a section labeled Signature. You'll find a default signature there with the User full name and Mailbox email address variables. 


Clear out the default variables and start from scratch, or build on that and add your own -- that's all up to you! 


Use the formatting buttons at the top to do some basic formatting, or click into the HTML editor ( </>) to add your own HTML and make it really fancy if you want!


Click the Save button to save your changes when you're done! 

Use Variables to Personalize Your Signature

Variables are both helpful and a big time-saver when compiling your mailbox signature. Add a variable in to your signature template and they will automatically generate data like the User's name, the mailbox email address, and job title, all of which comes from the information in your User's profiles. 

This allows you to have a personalized signature for each User in your mailbox automatically. You can also use variables within the HTML editor. 

For example, if the variables {%user.fullName%} and {} are in the mailbox signature like this: 

When User Angela Agard sends an email from the mailbox for J&G Clothing's mailbox, the signature will show like this in the email: 

For more detail on variables in general, take a peek at Work With Variables

Common Questions

The information the variables are pulling in is missing, outdated, or showing up incorrectly. Help!
Make sure that all the info on your User profile is up to date and complete. Check out Manage Your User Profile for help with your own profile, or Create and Manage User Accounts if you're working with someone else's profile. 

Can I have different signatures for different users?
Nope. Use variables to populate information from User's profiles to make the signature tailored to each User. 

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