Customers List

The Customers list brings all of your customers into a searchable and sortable list to quickly view their information. Just click Customers from the top menu to start with a list of all customers across all mailboxes that you have permission to view. Click on the Customers, Conversations, or Last Seen headers to sort the list or your search results. Click anywhere in the row to view the customer's history or edit their profile. 

Type in your search criteria to filter the customers list. The search will look for matches in the Name, Phone, Job Title, Company, and Email fields of the customer profile. 

Click the Mailbox dropdown to filter by mailbox. Select additional mailboxes to search through multiple mailboxes at once. 

Common Questions

Do I have permission to list all customers?
Account Owners and Administrators can list all customers across all mailboxes. Users can list customers that have been active in a mailbox that the User has permission to access. Check out Change User Roles and Mailbox Permissions for more detail on User roles and permissions. 

How do you determine the Last Seen time?
Last Seen is the most recent time that customer was engaged with your team via Help Scout. It could be a new email from them, a reply from them to an ongoing conversation, a Beacon chat conversation, or a phone conversation that was added to that customer record. Updating a customer profile or an email out to that customer will not change the time in that column. 

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