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When you first set up a mailbox or need to change a mailbox address, you will need to confirm that you own the mailbox address. This article is about confirming your Help Scout mailboxes. 

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Create a New Mailbox

After creating a new mailbox in Help Scout, you will be required to confirm your mailbox address just to make sure you're the true owner of the address.

When you sign up for a Help Scout account or create a new mailbox in an existing account, you will be prompted to enter the mailbox address, mailbox name and if you'd like to have the Satisfaction Ratings feature turned on.

On the next screen, you'll be asked to enter a six-digit code. The code will be sent to the mailbox address (ie.


Check your external inbox for the confirmation email. Type the code in to the verification box, then click the blue check mark button. Confirmation codes expire after 7 days. 

Update a Mailbox Address

If you need to change your mailbox address, head over to  Manage → Mailboxes to get started. 

Select the mailbox you'd like to edit, then click on the  Edit Mailbox link. Click on the blue change link next to the Email Address section and a new field will appear for you to enter your new email address. Click the Save  button after you've entered your new mailbox address.
Once you've clicked Save, a banner will appear at the top of the page letting you know a confirmation code has been sent. The code will be sent to the mailbox address (ie.

Your confirmation email will look like the one below. Write down the code and head back into Help Scout.


Type the code back into the box in your mailbox settings, click the blue check mark button, and your new email address will appear greyed out in the Email Address field.

Note: If your email address has not yet been confirmed, you'll be able to continue editing it if necessary, and your old email address will continue to stay active in your account. 

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