Create and Manage Teams

Group Help Scout users together into Teams to up your collaboration game. Teams have a special folder in the sidebar which is only visible to members of that team. You can assign conversations to a team, build workflows around teams, and report on team performance. The Teams feature is available on the Plus or Company plans.

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Work With Teams

Assign conversations to a team

Assign an Active or Pending conversation to a team to move it into that team's folder and out of the Unassigned folder. Assign conversations to teams from the usual places:

  • From the reply and note editor assignee dropdown
  • From the folder view when bulk selecting conversations

Work with team conversations

Users who belong to a team will see a dedicated team folder in the sidebar. Conversations assigned to a team will still show in the Assigned folder, as well as the team folder.

Team email notifications

Each member of a team has additional notification options specifically for team actions. Help Scout will notify team members of a new conversation assignment to the team, when the team is @mentioned in a conversation, or when a customer or user replies to a conversation assigned to the team. 

See Manage Help Scout Notifications for more on notifications.

Create a Team

Head to the team management page at Manage > Teams.

Click on the New Team button.

Give your team a name and select which mailboxes this team should have access to. Click Create Team when you're finished.

To start adding new team members, click Add Team Members.

Click on a user tile to select it. Click the Add Team Members button. 

Manage Team Settings

Change name, image and permissions

Head to Manage > Teams > [Your Team] > Settings. There you can change the name and image for the team, update mailbox permissions, or delete the team.

Add or Remove Team Members

Add or remove users at Manage > Teams > [Your Team] > Team Members. To add another user to the team, click Add People. Choose the user(s) to add then click Add Team Members.

To remove members from the team, hover over their user tile, then click the tile remove them from the team. You can add or remove users from a team at any time.

Report on Teams

Every metric that’s available for users is available for your teams. Head over to Reports > Company, choose the Teams tab, then select a team to report on.

Drill down on specific conversations, keep tabs on response times and replies, and take a look at happiness ratings per team. Create a view to get a more granular view of your team’s performance. See Use Views to Filter Reporting Data for even more information on views.

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