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This article is all about setting up a mailbox signature in Help Scout. Before we hop in, keep in mind that signatures are mailbox-specific, rather than User-specific, so any information added into the signature field will display across every email in the mailbox, regardless of the User replying.

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Using variables in your signature

Variables are both helpful and a big time-saver when compiling your mailbox signature. They will automatically generate data like your name, email address and job title, all of which is pulled from the information in your profile. We highly recommend using variables since, again, signatures can only be set up at the mailbox level. Also, there's little to do on your part aside from inserting them into the signature field! 

For example, if the variables {%user.fullName%} and {} are used in the mailbox signature, this is how they'll look when a reply is sent out in Help Scout:

Setting up a signature


While in your mailbox, select Mailbox Settings → Edit Mailbox. The Email Signature field will appear at the bottom of page.


Type in whatever information you'd like to add about your company or use the variables from the far right dropdown menu.


You're also welcome to add images to your signature if you really want to add some personalization. Feel free to style certain parts of your signature or add a link to your website.


Don't forget to click the Save button, and you'll be good to go.

Common Questions

The information the variables are pulling in is missing or showing up incorrectly. Help!
You'll want to make sure that all the info on your profile is up to date or filled out completely. You can edit that data by going to the Account dropdown menu and selecting Your Profile.

Can I set up a company signature?
At this time, it isn't possible to set up one uniform signature for all mailboxes. You will have to go in and edit each one of your mailboxes and set up their own unique signatures.

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