Android App for Help Scout

The Help Scout Android app puts our powerful help desk software in your pocket so you can easily support customers while on the go. It allows you to keep track of conversations with your customers and collaborate with your team, all with the convenient factor of being able to work wherever you are in the world.

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Download from the Google Play Store

Help Scout for Android requires Android 11 or later. You can download and install it from the Google Play Store. 

We update the Android app regularly. By default the Google Play Store will try to download and update your device when it's connected to Wi-Fi and not low on battery, though your actual device settings may be different.

Android Features

The app is free to use with your Help Scout account for Users, Administrators and Account Owners. Light Users are not supported at this time.

Here are all the features and actions you can do within the Android app:

  • Access all conversations in your folders
  • Reply to customers and add Cc/Bccs to keep everyone in the loop who needs to be
  • Start new conversations with customers
  • Respond to recurring questions with Saved Replies
  • Receive notifications about new conversations
  • Log in using the Google account associated with Help Scout
  • Collaborate by adding notes to conversations
  • Assign conversations to team members
  • Change conversation status
  • Tag conversations
  • Move conversations between mailboxes
  • Forward conversations outside of Help Scout

Use the Android App

Switching folders and mailboxes

Just tap the mailbox name from the dashboard screen to enter a mailbox. To get back to the dashboard, swipe to the right or tap the Help Scout logo in the top left corner and choose a different mailbox or folder to switch between them.

Search for conversations

From the folder view, tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner to start searching. Tap enter and results will show all conversations with the matching keyword.

Move between conversations

From any folder, swipe left or right to move to the next or previous conversation.

Send a reply

Tap the blue Reply arrow in the bottom-right corner. Type your reply, add a Cc or Bcc if needed, then tap the blue Send button in the bottom right corner to send your reply.

Add a note

To add a note to the conversation, tap on the Note icon in the top navigation bar, type your note, then tap the yellow Add Note button.

Forward a conversation

Tap the More Options menu (the 3 vertical dots) in the top right corner, then select Forward

Refresh conversations and folders

Swipe down in a folder view to load new conversations, or in a conversation to load new replies, notes, and other updates.

Send Feedback

Thoughts, feedback, suggestions? From within the Android app, tap Settings > Get Help, then Ask to send us a message through Beacon, or give us a shout!

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