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Help Scout's Voicemail app works automatically — no installation required. This article is about the voicemail integration, and how to manage voice messages in Help Scout.

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How the Integration Works

Just configure your voice or phone provider to send voicemail notifications to an email address that lands in to your Help Scout Inbox. You can send those messages to your custom email address or to your Help Scout Inbox address (the or address). 

Voicemails from any provider are supported when the voicemail notification matches both of these criteria:

  1. Voice Message or Voicemail from is in the subject line of the email from your provider
  2. An MP3 or WAV file attachment

Note: The subject match is case sensitive and must be exactly as you see here. 

Notifications that match those conditions, or ones from the providers below, are classified as phone notes in Help Scout. This allows you to work with this notification like other conversations, including the ability to attach the call to a customer profile to make that voicemail a part of their conversation history. 

Phone Notes

You'll see voice messages in your Unassigned folder like a regular conversation. Call details included in the email from your provider (which will vary by provider) are added as a note. You can play back the message in Help Scout or download the audio file.

Voicemails will be set as the voicemail provider's email address for the customer, as there's no method to link each voicemail call to a customer automatically. Use the Change Customer feature to change your phone call over to the correct customer.

You can reply to the customer via email in the same thread after you've changed to the customer. Remember, because those voicemail details are added as a note, the customer will not see call information when you reply.

Supported Voicemail Providers

The providers listed below have additional logic behind the scenes to process their voicemail notifications, and are supported separately from the two criteria above. Providers not listed here also work successfully if their notifications are in the format above.

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