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Help Scout's Voicemail app works automatically — no installation required. This article is about the voicemail integration, and how to manage voice messages in Help Scout.

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How the Integration Works

You'll need to configure your voice or phone provider to send voice message notifications to email that comes to Help Scout. You can send those messages to your custom email address or to your Help Scout mailbox address (the or address). When your provider sends a voice message to Help Scout, we do two things:

  1. Classify the conversation as a phone call, turning the voicemail thread into a note.
  2. Enable you to attach the conversation to a customer profile, so that the message can be a part of their history moving forward.

Note: To see a complete list of supported providers, head over to our Apps page.

Phone Notes

You'll see voice messages pop-up in your Unassigned folder like a regular conversation. Call details (as seen below) are added as a note. You can play back the message in Help Scout or download the audio file (.mp3) locally if needed.

Link Voicemail to a Customer

Voicemails will be set as the voicemail address for the customer, as there's no method to link each voicemail call to a customer automatically. Use the Change Customer feature to change your phone call over to the correct customer.

You can reply to the customer via email in the same thread after you've changed to the customer. Remember, because those voicemail details are added as a note, the customer will not see call information when you reply.

Supported voicemail providers:

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