Custom Fields templates and scenarios

Custom Fields is a powerful and useful tool to help you organize and prioritize conversations in your mailbox. Here are some examples that you're welcome to copy, change up, or simply admire.

Conversation topic 

Setting a conversation topic is a great way to categorize different requests or issues. It's also useful for reporting to be able to see what the most frequently asked questions or recurring issues are.

Customer type 

Having a customer type field is helpful for getting a glimpse of which customers are writing into your mailbox, and how many are emailing your team.

Priority level

Being able to set priority levels helps you to flag those conversations that need to be tended to immediately versus those that can be held off a bit longer.

Adding a date

Setting a date in custom fields could help you to track a customers' actions, such as when a warranty expired, when a customer was last called or when an order was placed. 

You can also use the Date custom field to set reminders or follow ups, using Workflows. Set whether or not a Custom Field Date is in the past, for better tracking on overdue conversations, in the future, to see what’s coming down the pipeline, or is today, to create your own snooze button.

Record actions

From time to time, it may be useful to set certain actions that need to be taken on a certain conversation or customer's account.

Add account or serial number

Being able to add account or serial numbers to the conversation can come in handy when needing to quickly identify the customer. 

Tracking feedback

Setting a custom field for things such as feature requests provides invaluable insight into what your customers are giving you feedback on. When you have 15 or more options, a search field will appear making it easy to find what what you're looking for!

Adding in notes

Occasionally, you may need to add in some additional notes about a customer or conversation, just to be able to give some context to the rest of the team and follow up later on.

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