Manually Forward Email to Help Scout

Every now and then, you might get an email in your inbox that needs to be created as a conversation in Help Scout. Luckily, all you have to do is forward the email to your Help Scout mailbox, and we'll take care of the rest.

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A Primer on Manual Forwarding

When you forward or reply to only your mailbox address with no other recipients, we'll pull out the original sender and set their address as the customer in Help Scout. If you add any additional recipients along with the mailbox address, we will set the customer as the Help Scout User instead.

A few of things to remember when manually forwarding messages:

  • When you forward an email, we'll attempt to recognize your signature and remove it from the incoming message.
  • We'll pull out the original sender and set their address as the customer in Help Scout.
  • A forwarded message becomes a new conversation when it hits your Help Scout mailbox.
  • If you add any text to an email, that text will be added as a note when the conversation is created.
  • You can optionally use email commands to perform various conversations actions.
  • The mailbox auto reply is not sent to customers when messages are manually forwarded. 

Which Address to Forward to

We recommend forwarding messages to your catch-all support address. For example, Since you've got an auto-forwarding rule already created, the message will be sent directly to Help Scout. Optionally, you can forward messages to your Help Scout mailbox alias (e.g.,

Notes for Success

The most common forwarding mistake is forwarding a message from an address that is not associated with your Help Scout account. Ideally, you should be forwarding messages from the email address associated with your Help Scout profile.

Note: If you're planning to forward from multiple addresses, add those addresses to the Alternate Email field on your profile page. Help Scout will know that you're associated with those accounts, so we'll set the original customer appropriately.

Manually Forwarding from Outlook

Forwarding emails from Outlook can be problematic because the customer's email address is not included in the email headers. Without an email address, Help Scout can't associate the conversation with a customer. To fix this, use the Forward as Attachment option:

Outlook 2007 & higher: Press ctrl + alt + F while the email is selected or open in its own window.
Outlook 2003: Just drag the message into a new message. This will force Outlook to forward it as an attachment.

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