Create CNAME Records at Cloudflare to Work With Help Scout

There are two instances in setting up Help Scout that you will need to create CNAME records at your DNS hosting provider: if you choose to set up DKIM to help with email deliverability and if you want to use a custom domain name with Docs. When your DNS is hosted with Cloudflare, you will need to create a DNS only CNAME record to be compatible with Help Scout. This article will help you get the right settings in place. 

Create a CNAME Record at Cloudflare

Login to your Cloudflare dashboard for your domain and click the DNS option in the side menu. Click +Add record to show the new DNS record form.

Make sure you have the information you need to create the CNAME record you're here for. You can set up the CNAME records needed for both DKIM and for a custom domain name in Docs while you're in there! 

Set up DKIM
You will be creating 2 CNAME records here. See Use DKIM to Help With Email Delivery for more on this setting.

  1. Name strong1._domainkey and Target
  2. Name strong2._domainkey and Target

Custom Domain Name for Docs
To add a custom domain to your Docs site, the Name will be the first part of your custom domain name (e.g. for, you would just enter help into the Name field), and the Target will be your Sub-domain from your Docs settings. Check out Use Your Own Custom Domain With Docs for much more detail on that feature.

Choose Type: CNAME and then enter the Name and the Target from the previous in those fields. Click the toggle switch under Proxy status to change your record to a DNS only record. The cloud icon will turn gray and the arrow will point over the cloud to let you know the change is complete. Leave the TTL set on Auto. Click Save.

Note: If the directions here seem out of date, please let us know! Cloudflare may change their menus and options without our knowledge — if you'll give us the heads up, we'll get this updated.

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