Challenges with forwarding your personal address

When you sign up for Help Scout, you're asked for an email address. This address is attached to your Help Scout profile. If your goal is to forward mail from that address into a Help Scout mailbox using the same address, there are a couple of things we want to get out in the open.

We're not designed to be a personal email host.
Help Scout shines when you forward a catch-all support address, like or Your team can work together in a mailbox without stepping on toes. When you forward your personal address, internal workflows change a bit. Depending on how things are set up, you might see duplicate emails or other unexpected routing issues.

You need to work exclusively from Help Scout.
If you're forwarding everything from your profile address, you must reply from Help Scout. Replying from your web-based inbox or mail client will break the conversation chain. The thread in Help Scout will not be updated, and that's never good.

You won't be able to use email notifications.
Because you're forwarding mail from your profile address to a mailbox with the same address, we won't send email notifications. If we did, you'd have a nasty mail loop to deal with.

Common questions

Can I forward messages in my personal inbox to a Help Scout mailbox?
Absolutely. You'll just need to forward it to your catch-all support address. We'll pull out the original sender so you can reply to the customer from Help Scout. See this article for details.

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